Where we came from: 

TMC was founded under the principles of channeling investor funds into the crypto gaming economy and generating yield from investments to pay back investors as dividends. 

To date Axie Infinity is the largest successful business model with a scholarship structure that we can capitalize on. 

We invested in Axie Infinity & began building a team of gamers with a strong belief that Axie has more growth left in its tank. 


Where we are: 

We currently hold 60 Axies and employ 15 scholars. 

Each axie is worth at least 0.1 ETH – Therefore our total assets = 6 Ether (approx 18.5k Euro) 

Every 30 days 15 scholars are generating approx 45k SLP = 3k EUR @ 0.08$ / SLP or 14k EUR @ 0.31$ / SLP

From the 3k / 14k EUR, the guild is receiving 50%. This is being re-invested to continue growing the number of teams & thereby increasing our recurring revenue. 

We expect to reach our goal of 100 scholars by November & 150 Scholars by December 2021. 

Q4 is looking very exciting & the Sky Mavis team are reaching all their milestones thus far.

Axie Infinity is by far the most prepared for a wave of adoption by the masses. 

However we are aware that there may be some diamonds in the rough & our attention is also on seeking out these gems. 

To understand which Play-To-Earn games will succeed, we are studying the history of indie games. Along with the factors that lead to indie game success. 

We believe that traditional game studios will be slow (2-5 years) to react due to their extremely profitable business models & shareholder reluctance to take risky decisions. 


Where we going: 

TMC is building equity & recurring revenue in the play-to-earn economy. 

However, by remaining tied to Axie Infinity we are not fully utilising the potential for arbitrage by leveraging our human resources & financial capacity. 

It is therefore important to make strategic investments ASAP in the following upcoming play-to-earn games that will implement a scholarship structure. 

I have personal invested in these up & coming games:

I believe these are 10x – 100x opportunities for investment, the yield generated thereafter makes for an even more interesting business case. 

We will also be investing in Axie Infinity again and this would be a combination of investor money but also fuelled by the recurring revenue already being generated. These strategic investments will be made after Axie Infinity has released most of its short term goals. We already expect big changes to come in the game mechanics & infrastructure of the game. A successful strategy today, does not guarantee returns in 1 year if we remain stagnant. For the guild to be competitive we must constantly strive to be the best at Axie infinity, this means adapting to the winning strategy of the times.

TMC is also intent on developing its brand & social media presence. We believe that our organisation will become a world renowned brand for play-to-earn scholarships. 

After paying back the investors initial investment, we will use the recurring revenue from the guild to build our online presence. 

After reaching the 100 scholar goal, we will be in a comfortable position to take on a full time employee whose responsibility shall be accelerating PR & Communications. 

Investment in the brand & social media reach are proven sources of revenue through Youtube & Twitch and could eventually become the main revenue generation for the guild, allowing us to increase our scholar income & loyalty. 

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