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My brand Negozju is a Youtube channelMetaverse Architect, Digital Nomad Consultancy & startup accelerator.

I have founded 2 startups & sold them. I wish to help others achieve results with their ideas. I work humbly as a student of creativity & innovation.

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We help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to Build Relationships and Cross Borders.

I set up to service & welcome digital nomads to Malta. I have a Facebook group with 1.7k people called Malta Digital Nomads & Entrepreneurs.

We’re working on getting Nomad Visa Spain up & running.

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On youtube I interview entrepreneurs, investors & digital nomads. With a purpose to inspire & connect with the local startup space. do work in the blockchain metaverse known as decentraland. I do Festivals & Buildings for clients all around the USA.



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I am Luca, a blogger based in Malta, blogging about Startups and Digital Nomads.

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