On 1st of September 2020, Ricston – a Maltese IT Services company founded in 2006 officially joined EPAM Systems, Inc., a leading global technology, and digital services firm with more than 40,000 employees located in 37 countries.

The story of Ricston started back in 2006, when Peter Delia – Maltese serial entrepreneur met Ross Mason, who had developed a successful open-source software Mule (cioreview.com).

The Mule project started gaining tremendous interest worldwide, since it was helping developers to reduce repetitive development work and point-to-point integrations. Backed by US investments, Ross Mason have founded MuleSoft – a San Francisco unicorn company, acquired by Salesforce in May 2018.

In the meantime Ricston, cofounded by Peter Delia and Ross Mason in Malta, was focusing on providing IT services using MuleSoft technology to a wide range of high-profile international clients like Sky Media, Collibra, Addison Lee, Air Malta, Salesforce and others (ricston.com).

Ricston’s acquisition adds to EPAM’s extensive expertise in integration and connectivity — specifically in microservices and APIs, and complements EPAM’s growing Salesforce practice (PR Newswire).

Viktar Dvorkin, SVP & Head of Global Delivery, EPAM  explained: “We are seeing significant demand for API and microservices skills post-COVID, as companies across our core vertical segments from Financial Services to Insurance to Software and High-tech are looking to incorporate modern architectures and proven integration know-how into their new and more agile business strategies,” therefore “Ricston’s strong EU-based technical leadership team, will bring deep expertise in Mulesoft, while enhancing our ability to design, architect, modernize and build across a spectrum of API and Salesforce-based business solutions.”

“COVID has created an urgent acceleration of digital transformation for all organisations who have found their markets disrupted, workforce dispersed and consumer behaviour change overnight”, said Ross Mason, co-founder of Ricston and founder of MuleSoft. “The key to digital transformation is to enable every part of an organisation to leverage the Digital assets and capabilities already present in most organisations by implementing a new operating model between IT and the rest of the business. Ricston has been helping their customers make this transition, enabled by platforms like MuleSoft.  With the combined scale and expertise of Ricston and EPAM, enterprises will have a proven and global consulting and technology partner, who can help them achieve their transformation goals.” (epam.com)

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