Mid-way through 2020, I burnt out. As an extrovert I get my energy and endurance from people to people interactions, I couldn’t take the isolation any longer. Without any projects to work on, I was struggling to breathe.

But besides being a naturally lucky person, I also create my own luck. By the end of 2020 I was scouring the internet for my next opportunity. I vowed to myself: no matter what COVID does, 2021 will be productive.

Two years prior, I had written a proposal to the Maltese government regarding digital nomads, startups and investment migration. I came across government announcements that stated it finally got approval, and startup and digital nomad visas would become reality in the near future.

In an instant I had a vision to provide services for digital nomads and startups that wish to set up shop in Malta. I registered the domains I needed, and I created the first version of nomadvisamalta.com in a single sprint from 9am to 5am the next morning. My mind and body were so ecstatic that I simply couldn’t step away from the laptop.

I did the same for startupvisamalta.com and was satisfied with what I had created. At this point, I figured I would wait for the government to release the actual policy before investing more time in the concept.

So I started dreaming again. I pictured myself in ten years from now, and decided I wanted to create a brand that would stand the test of time. Unlike everything I had previously done, I went the opposite of niche.

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