Author Mark J Borg, @LEET’s Head of Design

Most start-ups start with some sort of makeshift branding and over time, it matures. @LEET as a start-up is no different. A year ago there was a concept for a start-up and an idea on how it should look like. The aim was to have that feeling of nostalgia with a touch of gaming elements to have that immersive video game feel. We originally went with a full illustration based design. This not only gave it personality but also a friendly look.

During summer 2020, we participated in the MITA accelerator, our user interface and branding looked very promising from early on. We soft launched our beta platform in November 2020 and our audience loved the user interface from the start as we started to gather usage data. Based on that data, things started to shift around accordingly to improve the usability and brand awareness. 

Based on the initial designs we also had social media posts with the same branding style. It was apparent that our brand identity was setting us apart, so we went down the route of updating these to a further branding revision.

@LEET represents a virtual world, that amongst other things, allows real life football games to happen. We wanted to push this concept up a notch, so from fully illustrated images, we based the brand on real life imagery as people can relate better to other humans. We added a comic style look to highlight details, and showcased youthful models using mobile devices. Given our target audience, we strongly believe that many would identify positively with comic strip visuals. This not only portrays the link between the real and digital world but also gives the nostalgia feeling, and empowers @LEET’s personality through story telling. 

Note on the company:@LEET is a gamified community for amateur football players. With @LEET, users can meet friends and find players to join their weekly football games. During November 2020, we launched our BETA platform:

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