Three years ago, in 2020, I set myself the challenge of starting 5 startups before turning 25. This ambitious journey led me to create three entities, each a unique learning experience and success in its own right.

One of these ventures, Metaverse Architects, began in January 2021 as Decentraland Architects. From humble beginnings, we grew into a team of full-time 3D modellers, developers, marketers, and designers, pioneering daily in the Metaverse. This experience taught me the power of a cohesive team and the importance of turning visionary ideas into reality.

In June 2021, I founded Nomad Visa Malta, assisting digital nomads and expats in obtaining EU residency in Malta. This venture highlighted the significance of understanding and catering to niche markets, a lesson invaluable in today’s diversified global landscape.

Negozju, started in January 2021, is my personal brand through which I share my entrepreneurial growth and help digital nomads and startups relocate to Malta. This platform has been instrumental in understanding the power of community and networking in business growth.

Through these endeavors, I’ve learned that the key to success isn’t just about raising VC funds, having the right team, or a technological edge. It’s about timing. Like a boxer who relies on precision, an entrepreneur must predict and strike when the opportunity is ripe. Similarly, as a surfer reads the waves, an entrepreneur must discern the right moment to act.

Recently, I’ve taken time to reflect and plan for 2024. 

A personal goal is to put on 10 KG of muscle before I turn 30. In the last 3-4 months, I’ve already made significant progress, gaining 3.4 KG. This physical transformation is a metaphor for my entrepreneurial journey – it’s not just about the strength to start but the endurance to continue.

I’ve realized that neglecting physical health can impact professional performance. It’s not just about timing in business but also having the endurance and strength to persevere.

As I look towards 2024, I remain optimistic. I’m excited to share my vision for the future of work, especially with the incredible community of digital nomads and entrepreneurs I’ve connected with through Negozju and Nomad Visa Malta.

I’m eager to see what the future holds and to continue sharing my experiences with a growing community of like-minded individuals.

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