In a world that cares more about a picture of their food rather than the taste or quality of its ingredients. We must remind ourselves to live in the present and enjoy the flavour of our lives. 

Even though the majority of my work and upcoming discussion will centre around technology. I would like to start off by saying we must recognise that today’s luxury is being able to go offline and disconnect from the Internet. Just like leaving the urban city to spend time in nature. I view the Internet as a global city that truly never sleeps. 

In 2023 AI has permeated into nearly every aspect of work and education. And whilst to some AI might seem purely digital and far from natural. 

I would challenge that concept and view AI as a part of human evolution. 

Human beings have evolved to record and create vast amounts of data every day. 

From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, we are capturing photos, writing messages, coding software and testing theories. 

For as long as we can remember, humans have told stories, myths and legends. All in an effort to communicate the values of our cultures and people. 

These stories formed our ethical lens through which to view society. A lens that over decades changes vastly. 

Even in my 27 years alive, I’ve seen huge shifts in what is considered correct and what is considered taboo. 

This leaves me questioning, what do I do right today that will be considered wrong tomorrow? Or what do I do wrong today that will be considered right tomorrow?

We know from history that vast empires were built on the backs of inventions and practices that are forbidden today. From bloodletting in medicine to slavery and child labour. 

On the other hand, some of the world’s greatest innovators like nikola tesla had forward-thinking ideas such as wireless communication that were simply ahead of their time. Albert Einstein was dubbed crazy when he challenged our preconceived notions about space and time. 

There may not be a straight forward answer to my question but it does make me wonder. 

Whilst the AI we have today may not be conscious. We are fast approaching that reality. 

What would an AGI being that has access to all of the Internet’s knowledge and resources think of us? And how will it make its judgement on human beings? 

For that reason, I believe that as a species we must make a considerable effort to celebrate humans’ beauty, kindness, generosity and success. What we upload online will one day be read by an AGI and it is up to us to provide the data that will feed the consciousness of humanity. And whilst there are many dark corners of the Internet, I will close this topic with the following quote:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness 

Only light can do that. 

Hate cannot drive out hate

Only love can do that. 

In 2023 I launched my first business that leverages generative AI technology. 

I was fascinated with applying generative AI to the fashion industry late in 2022, just over a year ago. 

My theory went as follows:

What clothing do people spend the most amount of time and money when deciding what to buy?

I concluded that women purchasing their wedding dress spend a lot of time researching and testing out different dresses. They are also a high-ticket item in a multi-billion dollar industry. 

So that’s where the idea for an ai wedding dress generator came from. 

I built a simple prototype using stable Diffusion and Typeform and went ahead to launch it within 30 days from conception. 

To date, that idea has organically been used by over 100 brides-to-be. And whilst the tool itself is far from product market fit, I have confirmed my hypothesis on a need in the market that leverages AI. 

Following this experience, the idea of an AI model agency came to me when women were asking if they could be placed inside the dress. 

I promptly registered the website and began serving customers over the last 12 months whilst also being featured multiple times in the international press. 

From Saudi gold jewellers who have limited access to models willing to show skin. 

To medical devices being synthetically placed on AI models for marketing and instructional purposes.

And fashion designers from London, New York and Bucharest generating synthetic photographs to market and sell their collections. 

AI model agency is kicking off as a leader in the synthetic photography market. 

I liken the synthetic photography market to the diamond industry. 

Diamonds are special and unique not due to their rarity but rather due to their connection to the earth. With some naturally formed diamonds being hundreds of thousands of years old. 

About a decade ago, synthetic diamonds were invented. At first, they were identified as synthetic. But over time the technology become so good that they have become indistinguishable from the real thing. 

And whilst people may still prefer the real thing. A new market was created specifically for synthetic diamonds. One where they are used in medical tools, mining drill bits and high-tech electronics. 

Synthetic photography is the same. A naturally beautiful person and the skills of a photographer will never be replaced. But the cost of production for picture perfect synthetic photography has unleashed possibilities. 

Synthetic photography can produce results with any gender, race, background and pose. All without ever leaving your desk. 

In the same way I have applied AI in an industry that one might have never expected to be disrupted. In what way will you be harvesting the power of AI to revolutionise a niche industry? Just like nikola tesla and Einstein… some might call you crazy. But I suggest you go ahead and do it anyway. 

Personally, I thrive on being called crazy, it’s the best evidence I have that I’m doing my best to innovate. 

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