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Digital Nomadism & NFTs the rise of E-Identity in 2022

I created 2 business models in 2021 that involve building the metaverse & play-to-earn video games. I’ve been able to keep abreast of the cutting edge crypto world by immersing myself in the many discord & twitter spaces. 

As an owner of The Metakey I have access to communities of people who like me have gone all in on art, video-games, DeFi. These tools have accelerated adoption by creating new and radical changes in their industries. 

These are my key takeaways: 

  • Avatar art is proving that one’s online identity is no longer tied to our real names. Creating a brand around yourself by obtaining randomly generated artwork gives us new faces in the Metaverse. 
  • The video game industry is larger than the football industry, yet the players today don’t earn a cent. Play-To-Earn is a radical change in how gamers are rewarded for skill & dedication. The formation of Online Gaming Guilds is flourishing. The largest gaming guild YGG has maxed out Discord at 500,000 members.  Only 5 other discords have ever been maxed out. 
  • DeFi is certainly more complicated than the Art & the Video-games. In my mind, DeFi can be a way to trade & stake your crypto for interest but also a way to raise seed funding with incentive to HODL. 

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