With free time still on my hands, I got back into reading about blockchain. Back in 2017, I had earned and lost thousands investing in crypto, and I was very impressed with how far the industry had come in just three years.

That’s when I discovered Decentraland and the concept of Virtual Real Estate. Decentraland is an open world where users, companies and organisations can build and design virtual buildings and experiences that can earn them revenue. This can happen through advertising, experiences for users, displaying and selling artwork, virtual casinos (like that by Atari) and many more creative ways that have not been thought of yet. It is all based on the blockchain and cryptocurrency MANA.

I remembered a story I once heard, that said: “If you want to make money, don’t invest in oil. Invest in the ships that carry the oil.”

So I came up with decentralandarchitects.com, an architectural company for the metaverse that services landowners of Decentraland. We build virtual experiences and buildings with creativity and user experience at the heart of it. I lead a team of 3D designers and animators to create the most extraordinary projects on Decentraland that are aimed to look pretty and provide a return of investment for the property owners.

I launched Decentraland Architects on the 1st of April 2021. I did this by promoting the business on a subreddit and Facebook groups for decentraland users. Over 6 months of boot strapping we’re now delivering on big digit contracts b2b. 

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