A Blockchain startup that has grown enormously. Chiliz ($CHZ) is a leading digital currency for sports tokenization, powering the world’s first scalable fan engagement & rewards app where fans can buy & trade branded Fan Tokens as well as vote in club-focused surveys & polls.

“Fan Tokens generated over $30 million in revenue in 2020 that was shared with Chiliz clubs and partners, creating a new digital revenue stream and helping clubs overcome the shortfalls caused by the impact of the pandemic,” Chilliz said in an official statement.

Decentraland Architects 

A 3D design and animation firm that is focused on developing virtual buildings and experiences for Decentraland. Decentraland is a virtual world that is built on the blockchain. It allows users to purchase parcels and plots of land using the in-game cryptocurrency Mana. Decentraland Architects service landowners and property developers by being a one-stop-shop for the design and animation of the virtual world projects.

De Novo Cell 

A biotech startup focusing on stem cells. DeNovoCell™ has developed a proprietary procedure for the rapid and efficient production of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from cord blood mononuclear cells. DeNovoCell™ ltd is a spinout from the University of Malta. The revolutionary breakthrough by the teams researchers granted them a finalists position at the Falling Walls World Science Summit 2020. The company was formed in January of 2021. 

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