Hustle Hard, Flex Harder: My Entrepreneurial Journey Through Startups and Gains 🎢

Three years ago, in 2020, I set myself the challenge of starting 5 startups before turning 25. This ambitious journey led me to create three entities, each a unique learning experience and success in its own right. One of these ventures, Metaverse Architects, began in January 2021 as Decentraland Architects. From humble beginnings, we grew […]

The Metaverse Cooperative – October Update

Where we came from:  TMC was founded under the principles of channeling investor funds into the crypto gaming economy and generating yield from investments to pay back investors as dividends.  To date Axie Infinity is the largest successful business model with a scholarship structure that we can capitalize on.  We invested in Axie Infinity & […]

Digital Nomadism & NFTs the rise of E-Identity in 2022

I created 2 business models in 2021 that involve building the metaverse & play-to-earn video games. I’ve been able to keep abreast of the cutting edge crypto world by immersing myself in the many discord & twitter spaces.  As an owner of The Metakey I have access to communities of people who like me have […]

5 Startups before 25

“I’m not a perfectionist and I lack structure. I’m hyper and sometimes naive. I make up for my faults with a huge amount of energy and endurance. I’m a massive optimist and I take action fast.” Looking back, I had an enterprising mind from an early age. I remember burning copies of GTA Vice City […]

Nomad Visa Malta

Mid-way through 2020, I burnt out. As an extrovert I get my energy and endurance from people to people interactions, I couldn’t take the isolation any longer. Without any projects to work on, I was struggling to breathe. But besides being a naturally lucky person, I also create my own luck. By the end of […]

Decentraland Architects

With free time still on my hands, I got back into reading about blockchain. Back in 2017, I had earned and lost thousands investing in crypto, and I was very impressed with how far the industry had come in just three years. That’s when I discovered Decentraland and the concept of Virtual Real Estate. Decentraland […]

ShopShape | An ecommerce platform for shops to open easily in Malta

Author Stefan Debattista A new local ecommerce platform allows businesses to create their ownonline shop instantly, with no IT expertise needed. ShopShape is designed for retail businesses – from vintage clothes togrocery stores – to set up a professional online shop with no upfrontcosts or development time. Businesses can sign up, add their shopinventory and […]