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At Negozju, we’re not just about startups; we’re about building a community of innovation and entrepreneurship.

What We Do:

Led by Luca Arrigo, a seasoned entrepreneur, digital nomad, and surfer, our mission is to help turn your ideas into successful businesses.

Startup Studio Services

We offer a range of services to support budding entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. From ideation and validation to product development and scaling, we provide the resources, mentorship, and strategic guidance needed to turn your vision into reality.

Digital Nomad Support

As a digital nomad hotspot, Malta is the perfect place to launch your startup while enjoying a flexible lifestyle. We provide assistance with obtaining startup and nomad visas, setting up your company, and accessing local networks for funding, talent, and business development.

Community Building

Building a startup can be a lonely journey, but it doesn't have to be. Join our vibrant community of entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors who are here to support you every step of the way. Attend workshops, networking events, and meetups to connect with like-minded individuals and grow your network.

luca arrigo entrepreneur digital nomad
luca arrigo surfing

Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Nomad and Surfer 🏄

Luca Arrigo is a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of founding and growing successful businesses. He has a passion for helping others bring their ideas to life, and uses his experience and network to support them in doing so. His top skills include entrepreneurship, networking, and public speaking, making him well-equipped to lead and inspire others.

Currently Working On

An Agency that specializes in synthetic photography using the latest in AI techniques to produce pixel perfect photography.

Nomad Visa Malta helps digital nomads and expats obtain an EU residency in Malta by getting them the right documents, administration, logistics and housing without breaking the bank or wasting endless hours researching.

Startup Visa Malta

Startup Visa Malta assists digital nomads, CEOs and business executives with setting up their company in Malta and receiving access to local networks for fundraising, talent and business development.

Previous Work

(acquired by Tokens.com PLC)

A video game development studio that pioneered projects with the most popular web3 metaverse platform. Later ventured into Roblox before being fully acquired by investors.

A start-up wine club with a subscription revenue model. I helped build the business from the ground up and exited.

(acquired by Travel Mate Ltd)

My first venture, started when I was 19 years old. Managed all the social media, SEO, web development & PPC Recruited and Managed a seasonal team. Sold the business in 2020.

Lorne Sugarman
Lorne Sugarman
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Luca - grew a startup from nothing. He was able to grow to a size where it received funding for its growth plans. He built the team and the business very successfully with his cofounder. When the industry went sideways he acted professionally and worked with his lead investor to come to a resolution. I enjoyed working with Luca and found him a strong growth hacker with great values.
Joery De Kock
Joery De Kock
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Luca is a real entrepeneur with great interest in combining business with science. It was a pleasure to be his supervisor during his research stay at our lab. I wish you all the best with your future career!
Maria Mangion
Maria Mangion
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Luca’s entrepreneurial flair quickly became evident when he joined the “This Time I’m Voting” campaign on his own initiative as a volunteer. After our first meeting, we already had an action plan for the 2019 Europe Day activities, which took place only a couple of weeks before the climax of election day. Notwithstanding the pressure, Luca delivered on behalf of the Erasmus Student Network in Malta and our campaign benefited markedly from his input in terms of ideas and execution.
Lars Willemse
Lars Willemse
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I had the pleasure to work and collaborate with Luca on remote work and decentralized projects that will shape the world in the near future. Luca is driven and goal-oriented and he has the ability to ask the right questions at any given moment. I would highly recommend working with Luca.

As Featured In

Various media mentions of my work. Grateful to all the journalists and reporters who pick up my story. 

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